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Color Match Caulking Kit

GenStone Color Match Caulking Kit

Color Match Caulking Kit


GenStone exact color match caulking is used to conceal fastener holes left in ledgers, trim, pillar caps and the faces of panels. The color match caulking is engineered with the same properties as our elastic white caulking, the only different is, the color match caulking is meant to be used where you will see it. Our white caulking is less expensive and is recommended for the areas where panels and accessories will connect. 

How Much

We recommend purchasing one tube of color match caulking and two paint kits for every 400 SQFT of GenStone installed.

  • 127 Stacked Stone Panels = 1 Tube + 2 Paint Kits
  • 110 Full Brick Panels = 1 Tube + 2 Paint Kits
  • 114 Ledgers = 1 Tube + 2 Paint Kits

Why Exact Color

Our color match caulking makes concealing fastener holes quick and is engineered with elasticity, meaning it will stretch, bend and compress to endure any movement the structure experiences as well as help your installation perform well under freeze thaw conditions.

  • Adhesion: Sticks to almost every surface
  • Water Based: Easy to tint, goes on smooth and is easy to clean up
  • Shelf Life: Good for one year after mixing to repair potential damage
  • Interior and Exterior: Safe and recommended for both applications

Interior & Exterior

GenStone color match caulking is recommended for both interior and exterior projects. Its elasticity will ensure it does not pull away from any area you apply it to and it will resist cracking due to any movement the exterior or interior of your home experiences.


You can use GenStone color match caulking with virtually any surface including:

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Metal
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl
  • Drywall
  • Fiber Cement