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Deep Red Ledger

Deep Red Brick Ledger

Deep Red Ledger


The Deep Red brick ledger piece provides a professional finish to a wainscoting project and can also serve as an attractive transition between GenStone and other siding


42" wide x 3.75" tall



This product complements the dramatic texture and aesthetically appealing design of the Deep Red brick product. It can easily be installed from the box to the wall in minutes using deck screws and common tools. The groove on the bottom of the ledger allows it to fit on top of the shiplap edge of the panel or half panel. It can be installed on the wall by applying adhesive on the back of the ledger and/or screws. The screw can be toe-nailed to fit under flashing or face-screwed in the mortar and covered with matching caulk. The success of a faux brick project lies in the small details. The Deep Red brick ledger piece provides a subtle compliment to the rest of the brick veneer. A ledger piece successfully separates complementary exterior features, adding a professional finish to your project. Combine with corner ledger pieces to continue a ledger around a corner for a project spanning multiple walls.


  • Do-it-yourself friendly, no mortar no mess and virtually maintenance free
  • Made with high-density closed cell polyurethane which are light weight, easy to use and adds additional R-value
  • Class A rated interior available by special order
  • Each panel is hand painted with 12 coats of premium exterior paint
  • Panel is cast from real tumbled clay brick to eliminate repetition and deliver authentic brick shapes and texture
  • Interlocking joints conceal screw holes and ensure a secure connection between panels
  • Size reduces waste in installations with a great deal of cutting and fitting, installs from the box to the wall in minutes with deck screws
  • All GenStone panels are backed by a 25-year warranty (see warranty for details)


 Weight 1 LBS Depth 1.25"
Finish Hand Painted Material Polyurethane
R-Value 3.6 Template Brick
Warranty 25 Years Class A Special Order